Have you ever done something that people think may be weird or lame? I'm sure most of us have. But, have you ever done something that should be cool like summer camp, but still swine up seeming lame because it ended up being Bible camp? Ok, Bible camp actually isn't weird or lame. But it is seen as like the band camp amongst the religious. It's far more conservative. You have to go to the Chapel twice a day. There typically is some scripture memorizing thrown in there, and Veggie Tales may or may not be thrown in the mix. However, despite all these seemingly unique (for lack of a better word) aspects to this type of camp, Bible camp actually can be a lot of fun. Not only that but oftentimes, because of local church communities, scholarships are also provided for those campers who could otherwise not afford camp. This is not the norm in any other type of summer camp experience. The generosity of those within the religious community knows no bounds when it comes to wanting to make sure their kids are in a fun, safe, and wholesome environment. Plus, a Christian camp definitely has its perks. Even though you may be sitting in Chapel twice a day, you get more one-on-one FaceTime with your camp counselors and other leaders within the summer camp organization because they genuinely and truly care about each and every individual that passes through its gates. You'll get to be known on a personal level while at the same time enjoying all the same benefits of any other type of camping experience.

In fact, a Christian summer camp includes all the same activities and sometimes more, depending on which campground you go to. This will consist of horseback riding, tubing, canoeing, swimming on a lake or pool, a snack shop filled to the brim with junk food, soda, candy,  arts & crafts, and one can't forget that big BLOB activity. 

You know, the one where it typically is on the lake, and one person sits in the end, and the other jumps from a high tower and sends you rocketing into the sky and, depending on how you go, will sometimes seem like an almost a certain death.Yup, even something that seems as lame as a Bible camp will have all of those adventures and more. But there is something even more special and unique about a summer experience like this one. If you go, or really if your kids go, they will also be learning lessons on faith. 

They'll be taught what it means to be a good friend, an honest person, someone of solid character, and, of course, be shown a love that can be found nowhere apart from the love of Christ.You or your kids will not only have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime but will also make an enteral impact on your life. 

Unlike most other camps, while maybe cooler sounding or less lame than "Bible camp," a Christian camp experience can change the course of not only one's future but eternity. And that is neither lame nor weird. In fact, one might say that is the best kind of experience of them all.

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Camp Counselors: The Unsung Heroes

Most of us have probably had some form or another of a summer camp experience. I mean, what kid wouldn't want to spend a week away from their parents to stay up late, eat camp food, make new friends, and get to run around all day and more than likely not have to take a shower? In fact, those were some of the best days of our childhoods. But what was one of the main aspects that made our camp experience so great? Well, if you were to ask me, it would be because of the camp counselors. Most of the time, camp counselors go unrecognized. This is actually quite odd, seeing as how they are one of the prominent people you spend time with the most when you're at camp. And let's be honest, your camp experience could be made or ruined depending on whether or not you got an excellent camp counselor.  But what was it that made your counselor so awesome? Was it because they were willing to run around with you, use their imagination, make up silly stories, sometimes look the other way when you were eating one too many candy bars, or give you that break when you came back to your cabin a little later than you should have? The answer is yes. 

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Your camp counselor was your buddy, your cheerleader, your partner in crime, and the one who kept you from doing something too stupid to where you would get hurt. They were your sage advisor; they would help dry your tears if you were homesick and make sure that your other cabin mates didn't know about it, and they invested in you so that you knew they genuinely cared about you as a person.

It was your counselor, whether you realize it or not, who had the most significant impact on the amount of fun you had during that special summer week. So why is it that they're often the last we think about when recalling old memories? Maybe it's because they never try to outshine you, they never tried to make camp or your experience there about themselves, and they genuinely wanted to make sure you had the best time of your life.

They, indeed, were the unsung heroes of your summer experience. So the next time you're looking back at those old photos or reminiscing with old buddies about the experiences you've shared, go and see if you can look up and find one of your old counselors. Write them a note thanking them for everything that they did in order for you to have such an incredible adventure for one week out of the year.

And maybe as you embark on the next stage of life where your own kids will go to summer camp, you can do something special for their camp counselor to know how much they are loved and appreciated and to let them know that just as they see your child and are doing everything to make sure they have the adventure of a lifetime, that they are seen,  appreciated, and cared for as well because I promise that it will make all of the difference for them just knowing that they are valued.