Christian Day Camp for Young Campers

Summer camp is something that kids from all over the country (and other parts of the world) look forward to every year. The excitement of being able to be away from home for a period of time to spend with their friends, having fun, and making memories is something they dream about through the long winter months of school. 

Unfortunately, not all kids get to share in this excitement due to the age restrictions most of the camps set. While camps will cater to most age groups, the norm being between 7 and 18, children aged six and under often feel the pain of being left out. They unhappily must watch as her older siblings get to pack and chatter on and on about all the adventures they are about to embark upon. It truly is enough to pull on heartstrings, which is why many camps now offer a day camp for children in those younger age groups.

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This is often the case when it comes to Christian camps. They genuinely see a need to include younger children in all the fun activities. But what is a Christian day camp? Well, it looks very similar to your typical overnight camping experience, except it is limited between the hours of nine to four. 

This provides an excellent happy medium between an overnight camping experience for those young children who may not yet be ready and simply nothing at all. These children get to partake in almost all the same activities the older children do, but instead of sleeping in cabins, they are home and in bed by 7:00, dreaming about all their adventures during the day. So, what does a typical day at a Christian Day Camp look like?

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For starters, their day will begin at around 9:00 in the morning. Typically, this involves a big group activity where all campers are in one place, either singing songs or learning about a Bible story. From here, they are broken off into smaller groups and assigned a counselor to guide them through the rest of the day. They'll get to participate in activities such as swimming in the pool or lake, arts and crafts, water slides, playing games, running relay races, and so on. 

After the morning activities have wrapped, they will head to the dining hall for lunch. It's here where they'll finally get to join all the big kids attending regular camp. They'll often get to see their older siblings or friends who've been busy with their own cabins earlier in the day. After lunch, it's off for another round of activities, followed by the final group session, where they will once again sing songs and learn a Bible story.

After all this has been completed, it's time for parents to pick up their children. The kids will wave excitedly As their parents pull up their cars to take them home for the day. Over dinner, they will get to tell their parents all of the fun and adventures they had while at day camp. And as they lay their little heads on their own pillows, they'll drift asleep dreaming about the next day's adventures.

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