Top 5 Benefits of Christian Camp

We've all heard about the extensive benefits of camps regarding children's health and well-being. Typically, the research and collected data are based on your average summer camp. While there have also been many studies on the benefits of other types of camps, such as sports camps and others more specifically related to a point of interest (i.e. space camp) the main focus has always been upon an average summer camp experience.

But what about other types of camps that are less interest-related and more faith-based? For instance, a Christian camp. What does this type of camping experience not only have to offer campers, but what are the benefits, if any, to such a place? Well, we're happy to report there are many, but today, we will focus on the top five. 

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Benefit #1: A Safe Environment for Children 

Like any other camping experience (hopefully anyway), a Christian camp offers a fun and safe place for kids to come and spend a week learning about faith-based values while making memories that will last a lifetime.  

Benefit #2: It Aligns with Family Values

It's no secret the health and well-being of a child is a hot topic in America today. It's debated regularly on almost every public platform that exists. The problem arises when individuals can't seem to agree. That is why having a place like a Christian camp is a breath of fresh air for those parents who want to be able to send their children to have a fun experience without having to worry about whether they will be taught lessons and values that go against what they are being taught in the home. A Christian camp with the same worldview as the families attending can give parents peace of mind and the children a fun adventure. 

Benefit #3: Children Grow In Their Faith

While the day-to-day activities will differ amongst Christian camps, the one common denominator you can always count on is the Chapel service. Every Christian camp will always either start or end their days (and sometimes both) with the Chapel service. Here, the children will learn stories of their family's faith and be challenged to go deeper into their relationship with God. This is often one of the main highlights for parents regarding why they send their child to a Christian camp.

Benefit #4: They Will Develop Friendships That Can Last a Lifetime


While this can happen at any camp, there is an additional point of camaraderie between these campers as they have a shared faith. There are often additional breakout group sessions at Christian camps to discuss what was discussed in the Chapel service, providing extra opportunities for campers to get to know each other on deeper levels. The combination of their shared faith and these discussions will often blossom into friendships that will stand the test of time.

Benefit #5: There Are More Scholarship Opportunities for Campers

While scholarships are sometimes available at non-religious camps, the number of scholarships available to religious camps tends to trend much higher. This is because camp leaders will often partner with local churches or other ministries to help provide financial assistance for children who are otherwise unable to come to camp. These children are usually sponsored through local youth groups with outreach programs in lower-income communities. 

While summer camp generally benefits children, the next time you send your kid to camp, consider signing them up for a place that will provide them with a great time and lasting memories but will also align with your values and provide these benefits and more.

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